October 2018

Proposed logo for the project

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November 2018

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Polish school presentation

Musical rehearsal

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Presentations about Spain. The students learned general information about the country, its culture and wildlife.


January 2019
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They took photos of their favourite monuments.

During the Erasmus classes we talked about Spanish monuments and its cuisine.

The students rehearsed 5 acts of the play.

Musical rehearsal of  guitar and flute of the Spanish songs "Ay linda amiga" and "Cunctis sims concatenates".

 This is the final dance rehearsal.

The students designed the cover page of Lazarillo de Tormes book.


February 2019

Chosen literatura: "REVENGE"

Author: Aleksander Fredro

The content of “Revenge” has its source in a real conflict. Well, when in 1828 Fredro married Zofia Skarbkowa, received in dowry half of the old castle in Odrzykoń. The second belonged to another family. Browsing the papers of the received property, he found the trial files of the owners of the castle from the 17th century. They were Piotr Firlej and Jan Skotnicki. Firlej was occupied by the lower castle, while the famous one was Skotnicki - the upper one.

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-13 a las 14.

Our wonderful time in Valencia, Spain